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What Is A Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a minimally invasive procedure performed when dental decay has reached the inside of a tooth but isn't so extensive that a full root canal is needed. Pulpotomies are generally done for younger patients to save a decayed baby tooth from needing to be extracted, especially if the adult teeth are still years from growing in. At Say Cheeze Dental, we perform pulpotomies in our children's dental area, which features an open design and plenty of windows so both you and your child can feel safe and calm during their treatment. If your child is showing signs of a pulp infection (pulpitis), including sensitivity to hot or cold foods, we invite you to schedule a dental appointment for them at our Apex, NC clinic to learn if a pulpotomy can help address the infection and preserve their smile.

What Can I Expect During A Pulpotomy?

Before starting the pulpotomy, our Apex, NC dental team will first numb the affected tooth. Our office also offers nitrous oxide sedation for patients who experience severe anxiety related to dental visits. After removing any plaque or decay around the enamel, the dentist will drill into the inner core of the tooth and remove the infected portion of the pulp. Once that's done, the tooth will be sealed off and covered with a dental crown.

Minimally Invasive Pulpitis Treatments

If a dental cavity has reached the point where a simple filling treatment isn't enough, then a pulpotomy may be the ideal solution to restore the tooth's form and function while sparing you or your child from a more intensive treatment. It is crucial to address dental infections early to prevent them from spreading to the root or surrounding teeth. To learn more about pulpotomies and other advanced dental treatments, schedule a consultation for you and your family at Say Cheeze Dental in Apex, NC.

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