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What Is Bruxism?

"Bruxism" is the term we use to describe habitual teeth grinding or jaw clenching. A large number of people grind their teeth, a lot of times without thought over the course of the day or while sleeping, due to stress and anxiety or a crooked bite and certain prescriptions. While occasional teeth grinding ordinarily is not an issue, regular teeth grinding can significantly erode or weaken your teeth or induce unpleasant conditions, like TMD (temporomandibular disorder) that can affect the jaw. At Say Cheeze Dental, our team of dentists offers diagnostic analysis and effective care options for bruxism, including protective mouth guards to wear during the night. Reach out to our dental clinic in Apex, NC to learn more and arrange a consultation to tackle bruxism and protect your oral health.

How Is Bruxism Treated?

Before constructing your custom-tailored bruxism treatment program, our team will first assess your teeth and jaw. If you exhibit signs of tooth damage, such as broken or cracked teeth, we will first take care of those issues with a dental crown or similar restoration. One of the most popular treatments for teeth grinding involves personalized mouth guards that you wear while you sleep. Certain patients could potentially be recommended for splints, which are solid acrylic materials attached to the upper or lower teeth to obstruct teeth clenching and grinding. In addition to these therapy options, anxiety and stress management could likewise aid in the reduction of bruxism and help you feel better overall.

Prevent Tooth Damage from Bruxism

Bruxism is more than just an annoyance to those around you — regular teeth grinding can seriously damage or wear down your teeth, even leading to more complex jaw disorders, such as TMD. It can also cause headaches, jaw aches, inconsistent sleep, and other uncomfortable symptoms. With trusted therapy options, like customized night guards and splints, our dentists at Say Cheeze Dental will help safeguard your teeth and offer solace from the misery and discomfort associated with bruxism. To inquire more or schedule an initial consultation, call our Apex, NC office today.

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