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What Are Dental Sealants?

The teeth in the back of your mouth are topped with tiny pits and grooves, making them a perfect spot for food and bacteria to become trapped. Dental sealants, an important part of preventive dentistry, help shield the teeth from dental disease resulting from decay. These thin defensive coverings are created from an invisible or milky-colored substance that is applied to the chewing surfaces of molar or premolar teeth. When they're bonded, they work to safeguard these teeth and provide a more even exterior, which is easier to brush. At Say Cheeze Dental, we may recommend dental sealants for children and teens to help prevent decay and avoid the need for fillings or other corrective procedures in the future. Reach out to our experienced team of dental professionals in Apex, NC to discover if you or your child may benefit from protective dental sealants.

What Is the Procedure for Dental Sealants?

During your initial visit, our dentists will examine the teeth to determine if dental sealants are the appropriate treatment for you or your child. To prepare the teeth for dental sealants, a member of our team will polish the enamel to get rid of any plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the crevices. The enamel is then dried, and a fine sheet of sealant product will be painted precisely into the fissures with a small brush. The sealant will be set using an advanced curing light to quickly harden it. As soon as the sealants are in position, our professionals will evaluate the chewing surfaces for alignment and give instructions on how to efficiently take care of your sealants.

Shield Your Molars from Decay

Dental sealants are an effective, easy, straightforward solution offered at Say Cheeze Dental for patients who want to reduce the likelihood of future oral health problems and enjoy a dazzling, hygienic smile. Sealants can be especially beneficial for younger patients who may be more prone to tooth decay. Decide if dental sealants are good for you or your child by booking an appointment with our dentists at our Apex, NC office.

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