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What Is Cavity Detection?

Identifying and treating cavities early is vital for preventing future oral health problems for you or your child. In addition to x-rays and a physical exam, Say Cheeze Dental is equipped with laser technology that safely lights up dental caries (cavities) for easier diagnosis. Our clinic's laser technology utilizes a blue light that highlights irregularities in the tooth, revealing teeth that are affected by dental decay. Should a cavity be discovered, our skilled dental team will construct a customized treatment plan for you or your child to treat the affected teeth and restore your dental health. Learn more about cavity detection by scheduling a dental examination at Say Cheeze Dental in Apex, NC.

How Do You Detect Cavities?

At Say Cheeze Dental, we typically perform cavity detection when patients visit for their regular cleanings and exams. After your hygienist has finished your cleaning, a member of our team will use our office's advanced laser handpiece to examine your enamel. They will pass a handpiece containing a blue light around your mouth. If any cavities are detected, the light will respond differently, and they'll be recorded on the device. Once the procedure is complete, your dentist will review your results and suggest treatment if necessary.

Protect Your Teeth from Decay

Even patients who brush and floss regularly sometimes have to deal with dental cavities. Since cavities may cause severe tooth decay if left untreated, it is important for you to take measures to make certain your teeth are healthy and your smile is guarded. Our team of dentists in Apex, NC specializes in advanced cavity detection and treatment so you and your family can avoid the long-term consequences of tooth decay. Contact Say Cheeze Dental to schedule a dental examination with cavity detection.

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